Good for People, Culture & Business!

An investment that your people will thank you for!  Attending the Tactical Composure program can be both an enjoyable and practical experience.

Likely return on investment. In their “Investing to Save” paper, KPMG reports that there is a $1.7 ROI for each dollar spent on CBT-based resilience programs.

Benefits to the workplace.

  • A tangible way to boosts productivity and wellbeing.
  • A sensible and ready component of your workplace wellbeing program.
  • People walk away feeling calmer and more confident, with specific tactics.
  • An engaging, practical way to develop composure skills, backed by science.
  • Reduce the risk of stress and conflict, increase mental wellbeing and resilience.
  • Imagine if the whole team, or the whole workplace, were more composed, ready and responsive (versus reactive).

Employing evidence-based tactics and designed by experienced, registered Psychologists, formally trained in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Group-based Mental Health Interventions and Training & Facilitation.

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