We think better, feel better, communicate better and perform better when we’re in a state of calm, composure and clear thinking.

The Program

TACTICAL COMPOSURE is an engaging, strengths-based program that teaches a set of proven composure tactics, that build resilience, calm, focus. The tactics also create a buffer to stress, anxiety and depression. Flow on effects to productivity, communication and wellbeing are also expected, if tactics are practiced over time.

The skills (tactics), that are demonstrated in-session, learned quickly and immediately transferrable into one’s work and home life. The program is primarily provided in group-based format for workplaces and community organisations, over the course of a few days (separated by 4-6 weeks of exercises). However, we can tailor the format to suit the operational and cultural needs of the group depending your objectives for the program (including individual composure coaching and small groups in video-conferencing)

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The Definitions

TACTICAL COMPOSURE: deliberately applying practical composure tactics and exercises, for longer-term benefits in resilience, productivity and wellbeing.

As an effective behavioural response, TACTICAL COMPOSURE is the action of deliberately applying composure and preparation tactics in order to manage potentially stressful or demanding situations, that are likely to recur. This involves recognising recurring things that bother us, reframing our thoughts around them, regulating our tension levels down toward the ‘green zone’ and responding with a chosen approach that’s likely to serve us and the situation well.

For leaders and managers, TACTICAL COMPOSURE is a pathway to MINDUL LEADERSHIP and WISE DISCERNMENT!

TACTICAL: Relating to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose. “Think.. practical, discreet, reliable, mobile.”

COMPOSURE: The state of being calm and in control of oneself. “Think.. cool, clear, conscious, centred.”

Program Objectives

The TACTICAL COMPOSURE experience allows participants to choose from a set of evidence-based composure skills (tactics) that:

  • Help increase focus, productivity, resilience and wellbeing
  • Are collated into a tactical composure exercise plan, transferable to work and life, supported by buddies and peers
  • Foster constructive conversations, improved mental performance, mindfulness and relationship building
  • Can be applied in the heat-of-the-moment: Recognising Tactics, Regulating Tactics and Refocusing Tactics
  • Draw from established and reputable psychological practices, theory and research in the areas Cognitive Therapy, Stress Management, Self-awareness, Resilience, Mindfulness and Health Sciences.

Tactical Objectives

Participants may focus on achieving one or more of these tactical short-term or longer-term objectives:

  • Improved ability to self-regulate towards a state of cool, calm alertness and clear thinking, regardless of the hassles in daily life.
  • Improved ability to maintain composure in the face of challenging situations: to face up to these situations, stay there, pay attention on purpose and NOT REACT (negatively).
  • Improved ability to identify triggering situations and to prepare effective tactics to maintain composure, responsiveness and constructive actions – before, during and after the situation.
  • Improved overall wellbeing, health, productivity and daily mindfulness and composure.

What past participants have said:

  • I’ve become more observant and aware
  • I can notice myself getting triggered and not react
  • I’m just more calm and focused – letting distractions go
  • I successfully used the tactics at home with my family
  • I used the tactics to help with a very demanding work situation
  • I could wind down and get to sleep better
  • I was more ‘present’ and productive – a sense of self-control
  • I have a stronger sense of wellbeing and ability to manage stressful triggers
  • I feel more connected to colleagues and family
  • I was able to relax on cue and not get overwhelmed by frustrations
  • I noticed my deliberate composure influenced others positively
  • I was able to identify my own effective tactics and reinforce them by using them more deliberately
  • I noticed our team were using the tactics openly at work and it helped boost morale and lighten the mood too.


To make composure, and its benefits, accessible to all, through teaching practical short-term exercises, that build up longer-term resilience, productivity and wellbeing. To promote regular composure exercises as a normal and valuable part of everyday life. Revealing composure as a strength that can be learned. Because, composure is important for overall health and effectiveness. We believe that tailored composure tactics can work for anyone, regardless of differences in personality, backgrounds, health-status, trigger-points, skills and abilities.”

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