Experience you can trust. 

The Tactical Composure Facilitation Team have years of experience combining clinical, organisational and workplace psychology for designing high-impact face-to-face training. They are respected practitioners and leaders in the Workplace Psychology arena.

The program founder is a Masters-trained psychologist, skilled in the design of group programs, CBT-group-based treatment programs, and a Certified Master Practitioner of Applied Mindfulness (by The Australian Institute of Applied Mindfulness).

Applied Composure

Furthermore, the trainers have provided and learned composure through helping teams and organisations deal with serious matters:

  • As behavioural scientists, they are subject matter experts in people and performance psychology, and can deal with the sensitive, complex and tricky topics!
  • Each of the team have provided mental health training and education across a range of organisations and industries and more particularly, support for high-pressure environments such as Australian Army, First Responders (Fire and Rescue and Police Services), Offshore Immigration Processing Centres, Customer Service officers, Security Staff, Frontline Staff and Leaders and Remote and FIFO workforces.
  • They have experience in the mental health first aid training, leadership development, wellbeing education and peer support networks.  The team have provided over 1750 training and education sessions over the past 15 years.
  • As a combined team, they been involved in providing over 420 critical incident responses and onsite support services, giving them remarkable on the ground experience when it comes to dealing with the challenging, emotional and complex incident responses.  These incidents range from assaults, deaths, robberies, workplace accidents, suicide, bomb and white powder threats, suspicious smells (sick buildings), riots, violence and aggression, natural disasters (Earthquakes, Floods, Cyclones), underground mine shutdowns, property damage and sudden workplace redundancies.

You want these type of programs to be developed and delivered by registered professionals who know what they’re doing.