These materials and resources are specifically related to the Tactical Composure Program. From the list below, Click on the Tactic or Worksheet that you’re wanting to view, download or print for continuing exercises.


TC Poster 0 Mission Statement
TC 0b Benefits and Usefulness
TC Concept and sample Tactics PLACEMAT 1
TC Poster 1 Concept and Benefits
TC Poster 2 Activating Responsive Brain Functions
TC Poster 3 Advantages of Composure for Communication

TC Poster 4 Normal Experiences during Composure Training
TC 0 Science Behind the Tactics


TC 0c Tactics Testing Worksheet
TC 0d Explanation of the 6 Tactic Groups
TC Cue Card Reminder 1 (includes Take 5 summary and space for your notes about tactics for triggers)

Recognising Tactics

Techniques and actions that identify and acknowledge where your attention has been focused. Creating composure through insight, awareness and relating differently to situations, thoughts and feelings that trigger tension or bother you.

TC 1a Signs of Tension and Composure Checklist
TC 1b Recognising Triggers Worksheet
TC 1c Tactical Composure Exercise Plan and Monitoring STLs
TC 1c2 SAMPLE Weekly Workout and Monitoring Worksheet
TC 1d Acknowledging and Noting Thoughts and Feelings

Regulating Tactics

Techniques and actions that gather your attention in the here and now. Creating composure through relaxation, grounding, physically reducing the experience of tension and helping to activate the clear-thinking centres of the brain.

TC 2a Breathing Deeper Slower
TC 2b Body Scan to Relax
TC 2c Grounding Mindfulness
TC 2d Visualisation for Relaxation
TC 2e Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)
TC 2f Pummel and Energize
TC 2g Centering Focus on Feet Breath Sounds
TC 2h Regulating Calming Down Tactics
TC 2i List of Methods for Composure and Stress Management
TC 2j The Take 5 Grounding Exercise

Refocusing Tactics

Techniques and actions that direct your attention to where it needs to be and helping it stay there. Creating composure through action, conscious-thinking and a sense of progress and control.

TC 3a Refocusing Next Priority Tactics Group
TC 3b Refocusing As-You-GO, Starting or Steadier

Reframing Tactics

Techniques and actions that identify the automatic thoughts and beliefs that underlying tension-triggering situations and give you back deliberate choice in the constructive thoughts you want to use. Creating composure through compassion and positive, constructive and realistic thinking.

TC 4a Positive Self Talk
TC 4b Reframing Automatic Thoughts
TC 4c Separating from Unwanted Thoughts

Rehearsing Tactics

Techniques and actions that help you prepare constructive, helpful responses to future situations that are likely to trigger tension. Creating composure through virtual practice, being mentally prepared and knowing the avenues of advice or support should they be needed.

TC 5a Self Instructional Method (SIM)
TC 5b Composed Visualised Responses (C-VR)

Reconnecting Tactics

Techniques and actions that help you recall, record and reconnect to the sources of positive energy, support and strength in your work and life. Creating composure through gaining a sense of perspective, support and positive emotions, tapping into past successes, current abilities and other ‘good things’.

TC 6a Reconnecting to Sources of Composure
TC 6b Reconnecting to Sources of Strength
TC 6c Reconnecting to Sources of Positive Emotion
TC 6a 6b and 6c Reconnecting to the Good Things (Tactics Group)


TC 101 The Combined Tactical Composure Worksheet


Composure Coaching, Check-in Conversation and Activities for Groups

TC 7a Composure in Potentially Tense Situations
TC 7b Signs of Stress Checklist
TC 7c Mindfulness Exercise Challenge HANDOUT
TC 7d Recognising Tension-Provoking Beliefs
TC 7e Conversations & Activities for Groups & Leaders

TC 7f Recognising Why it’s Bothering Me

TC 7g Signs of Wise Discernment and Mindfulness

TC 7h Everyday Tactical Composure and Mindfulness Activities